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Product Spotlight: Konica Minolta KIP 7700

March 03, 2016

For businesses in the engineering, manufacturing, building and construction industries, an MFP is an important investment. These types of businesses need an MFP that can produce high-quality documents of larger sizes, such as floorplans, quickly and efficiently. Look no further than the Konica Minolta KIP 7700 to meet printing, scanning, and copying needs. With its modular, expandable system, the KIP 7700 can adapt to meet most printing challenges.

The Konica Minolta KIP 7700 is one of Pacific Office Automation's most popular wide-format multifunction printers due to its versatility, speed, and cost-effectiveness. Energy Star rated KIP 7700's operational costs the lowest in its class. With intuitive image recognition technology, the 7700 automatically detects the size and media type of scanned documents and then repositions the image to fit the page perfectly—reducing paper and toner waste. Plus, this MFP comes with its own print cost tracking feature, allowing companies to break down costs by department, project, and client for the most accurate invoicing.

The KIP 7700 offers a bevy of other business-friendly features. For example, the KIP AutoCAD Driver organizes and tracks projects by user name, job number and description fields. The model also boasts finishing features like folding, stacking and collating that can be formatted for the landscape or portrait-sized documents that are standard in engineering, architecture and construction.

The KIP 7700 is reliably fast and can self-diagnose potential problems early and send alerts to administrators accordingly. Low paper or toner alerts will keep productivity humming along. Plus, the model comes with a number of security settings like user authentication to keep sensitive information safe and to create an audit trail.

Businesses in industries like engineering, architecture and construction can benefit from the reduced printing costs and superior quality and performance of the Konica MInolta KIP 7700. Contact Pacific Office Automation today to find the MFP that’s right for your business.

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