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POA’s Take on SaaS: Software as a Solution for Industries

May 14, 2018

You may have heard the term Software as a Service, as many technology companies build software platforms that help users provide a service to customers. At Pacific Office Automation, we believe in Software as a Solution. This perspective on the SaaS business model can help streamline your office workflow.

Software Solutions for Your Office

Whatever the job is, your workflow matters. Without proper IT management in place, your core business goals can quickly become overshadowed by inefficient processes. With the following office solutions, you can streamline day-to-day tasks, saving you time and cutting frivolous costs.

Managed Print Services

  • Monitor printing, copying, and scanning activity
  • Ongoing reporting to identify bottlenecks and problems

Data Security

  • Help ensure compliance with federal information privacy laws
  • Password protection to access documents
  • Advanced security measures like data encryption for highly sensitive data

Document Management

  • Abandon paper files by archiving all documents digitally
  • File, search, retrieve, and share documents more efficiently from one central platform.

Solving Problems Across Industries

No matter what field you work in, POA can create a customized package of office solutions to improve your workflow. Here’s a few of the industries our experts serve:


In a law office, time is money. And with stacks of paper files, you can’t afford to waste any time organizing or searching through them when you need information. With key solutions like print tracking, document management, and data security, you’ll be able to save time sifting through paperwork while preventing access to sensitive information.


Where budgets can be tight, your school or university can streamline workflow and document handling with multifunction printers that print, copy, and scan, all from one machine. And for those special projects, our print production products and solutions will let you churn out print shop quality materials and brochures in-house.


In any medical office, confidentiality is crucial. Establish data security protocols to remain compliant with patient security laws & HIPAA and to prevent data breaches of medical records. Plus, office managers can minimize administrative downtime by automating document handling.

Problem Solved

At Pacific Office Automation, software as a solution is at the core of our business. With a full suite of software solutions plus office equipment, your office can enjoy a boost in your workflow no matter what you choose. Visit our industries page to find out more about our solutions.

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