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Minimizing Maintenance Costs on Your Leased Printers and Copiers

March 25, 2019

So, you’ve decided to lease your next copier. Even though this requires a smaller investment upfront, it still sustains a monthly cost over the extent of the lease. As we mentioned in the previous blog, maintenance and repairs are often covered in office equipment leases, but it’s important to keep your leased copiers and printers in good condition so that they retain value.

Here are a few easy ways to minimize the need for maintenance and repairs on your office equipment.

Turn It Off

If your office will be on vacation or otherwise won’t be using the copier for a while, turn the machine off or set it to hibernate. The benefits are twofold: reducing your long-term overhead costs by saving energy and maximizing the lifespan of your copier!

Keep Dust at Bay

Office equipment is notorious for attracting dust, which can affect how your documents appear when they print. Do a periodic check and clean the printer and copier of dust buildup, using compressed air to remove it quickly. For a deeper clean, use a small vacuum or cotton swabs to clean harder-to-reach areas.

Check Printer Heads

Similarly, a clogged or dirty printer head can lead to poor printing quality, often leaving streaks or lines through text and images. While each model has a unique cleaning process, you can typically find instructions on a manufacturer’s website or in the equipment manual.

Be Gentle

Before you take an Office Space approach due to your frustration over malfunctioning office equipment, take a step back to determine what’s causing the malfunction. Whether a paper jam or other issue, be gentle when handling so that you don’t cause a larger problem. Remove paper slowly and check the inside to make sure no pieces got left behind.

Partner with POA

By following these easy tips, you’ll be able to minimize the unplanned-for maintenance and repairs on your leased office equipment. When the time comes for a needed repair, contact us. Our expert printer and copier technicians are ready to step into action.

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