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Manufacturer Highlight: Muratec

February 18, 2016

Walk into an American business in the early 1980s, and chances are you’d hear the beeping and whirring of a Muratec fax machine. The U.S.-based subsidiary of a Japanese corporation, Muratec has expanded their offerings over the years, and is now a worldwide leader in managed document services, workflow solutions, and multifunction printers.

Muratec is still at the forefront of faxing. Its email gateway network fax server solution is a user-friendly evolution of the clunky fax of yore. The email gateway offers a built-in address book to store fax numbers and email addresses, so it’s simple to send faxes. Incoming faxes can be routed to a number of locations, including another fax location, email address, or a PC folder. The system also archives all inbound and outbound faxes for auditing purposes, and administrators can restrict access with log-in requirements, so faxing remains secure.

Muratec is also consistently hailed as a leader in eco-friendly products and practices. The company’s Earth Friendly Products program makes it easy for customers to recycle used toner cartridges. Also, its multifunction printers use less energy than many other manufacturers. The MFX-3530 won a BLI energy efficiency award in 2014 for its toner-, paper-, and energy-saving capabilities; it used less than half the energy of the average competitor.

The MFX-C2828 is also Energy Star-rated, operating at lower temperatures and utilizing easy-to-recycle toner bottles. With high-speed outputs and 1800 x 600 DPI, users don’t need to skimp on print quality to be environmentally friendly. One of Muratec’s most popular models, the MFX-1450, offers superior imaging and print quality as well as efficiency. The MX-1450’s scan-to capabilities make digital document sharing easy and less wasteful.

For any size workgroup, Muratec has a solution. Medium-sized groups can benefit from the MFX-2550. It offers professional-quality printing and superior scanning capabilities at a whopping rate of 62 pages per minute. Documents can be saved direct to PC folders or USB devices. With an on-board memory that can store 2,000 email addresses, this MFP does the delivery work for you.

One of the best copiers for small businesses is the MFX-1950. This black and white MFP is compact and offers a wide range of digital records management, print management, and security features.

Pacific Office Automation works with the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, and we proudly offer the best Muratec all-in-one printers on the market. Contact us today to find out more about Muratec copiers and printers and how they can help your business produce high-quality documents while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

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