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Manage Workflow Processes on the Go with Desktop Apps and Mobile Office Solutions

October 25, 2012

In the modern workplace, business does not always happen during standard business hours or from behind your desk. Instead, advancements in technology have resulted in the idea of a “mobile office” where communication is instantaneous and around-the-clock accessibility is expected. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets have expanded networking capabilities and offer remote business solutions for organizations of all sizes. In this digital age, is your business up to speed and ready to keep workflow moving remotely?

Pacific Office Automation has the office solutions you need to digitize workflow and increase remote capabilities. Desktop Apps offered through Pacific Office, such as App2Me by Ricoh, allow users to create custom workflows that enable remote records management functions. Additionally, desktop apps enable users to create, edit, combine, and distribute documents on the go. Don’t worry about losing time or missing out on vital communications while on a business trip or in an off-site meeting. With Desktop Apps, you can still send important documents from the office printer to your mobile device so you always have what you need to stay connected and keep business processes running smoothly.

Ricoh’s App2Me is easy to download directly to a computer or mobile device. There is no software installation and no special functions are required from your printer. Instead, App2Me is simple for users to install and automatically syncs with enabled devices on the network. With easy set-up and a wide range of time saving solutions, App2Me is also a cost-effective solution that offers organizations a convenient, personalized desktop app experience without help from an IT department.

To learn more about App2Me and desktop app remote networking solutions, contact Pacific Office Automation today! We provide free workflow analyses to help determine the best solution to streamline office processes and increase remote capabilities.

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