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Lowering Your Eco Footprint: Alternate Papers

September 16, 2020

If you’re like us, you take a lot of notes. Phones and computers make it simpler to quickly jot down a note, but there’s something so satisfying about taking a pen to paper. 

However, in the constant effort to lower one’s ecological footprint, today we’re going to look at a few alternatives to traditional paper. With a little bit of machining wonder, discover what other materials are used as paper:

Fruits and Nuts

We found this one hard to believe too, but it turns out that discarded orange peels, walnut shells, grape stalks, and other delicious delivery methods can also be machined into paper through an agro-industrial process. At least, that’s how the brand Favini does it. Favini claims that their agro-industrial paper helps reduce a carbon footprint of 20% and is usable in multiple applications including packaging and labels. 

Other Plants

Trees aren’t the only species that can make paper. Bamboo, for one. In fact, bamboo has been used in countries like China for centuries. Other plant-based materials used for commercially available paper include sugar cane and hemp-based papers. Even seaweed has a land-based benefit, and its cellulose can be modified into recycled paper as well.

Stones and Leather

Wildly available already, paper made from stone extracts are starting to catch on. While not entirely eco-friendly, this type of paper does limit the destruction of trees in the environment. Taking our eyes back to Favini, the company has produced a new paper substitute made from leftover leather found discarded after manufacturing. Their leather paper uses 25% of recycled leather in place of tree cellulose. 

As we look to the future, we here at Pacific Office Automation are always looking at the newest and most innovative technology, and we look forward to whatever the future might bring with newer, more efficient paper materials. 

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