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How to Train New Employees for Success

November 07, 2016

You pored through resumes. You conducted rounds of interviews. You hired the best person for the job. Now the real work begins. Training new employees should be straightforward. You, after all, know your business and the work it entails. So why is it so hard to get employee training right?

A 2015 InterCall survey found that one-third of employees felt their new hire training was not a good use of their time, and another third deemed the training uninteresting and not engaging. Properly training new employees is one of the single most important factors in new employee success and retention. Giving employees the tools they need and engaging them from the start is critical.

Here are some to tips on how to develop a successful employee training program:

Use a variety of employee training methods.

Successful training starts with managers. They need to clearly outline workflow processes and tasks from the moment a new hire begins working.

Offer a mix of both in-person and online resources for training. Offering in-person training affords new hires the opportunities to ask questions and get hands-on help. Just make sure they have ongoing support from either online reference tools or someone within the company.

Provide e-learning opportunities. This is helpful for mobile workers or people who prefer to learn at their own pace and in their own chosen environment.

Tap your staff to host weekly or monthly training sessions. This gives employees a chance to collaborate, share best practices, and show off their expertise as a valued member of the organization. Plus, it has the added benefit of showing managers insight into their employees' work.

Don't expect new employees to immediately get it.

Learning new skills takes time, and it helps to practice those skills before applying them to a real-world business situation where the stakes are higher. Whether they're tooling around on a new software system or making sales calls, offer a contained environment for employees to practice. After all, practice makes perfect.

Ask questions to ensure comprehension. New hires often shy away from asking too many questions because they are either processing the information or don’t want to appear anything less than supremely capable at their new jobs. That’s why it’s important for managers to ask employees questions to make sure they understand.

Focus on the skills.

Everyone has different personalities. Trying to change them is futile and can lead to turnover. Instead, teach people the skills associated with the job, such as being an active listener.

Investing in employee training improves employee retention and boosts productivity. It also has less tangible results, such as creating a positive work culture. By giving employees the tools they need to perform their job successfully, you engage and empower them.

At Pacific Office Automation, we foster a culture of learning, growth, and teamwork that has made us the largest independent dealer of office equipment in the country. We provide careers, not just jobs, and nurture our employees to grow and find their passion. To learn more about our company and career opportunities, contact us today.

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