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How-To: Spring Cleaning Your Workspace

April 10, 2017

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everyone is energized to do some spring cleaning in time for the arrival of nicer weather. While you are in that cleaning frame of mind, take a look at your office workspace. Tidying up and reorganizing your desk will cut down on distractions to improve your productivity. In this blog, we’ll give you some tips on how to pare down your desktop clutter and help you focus on your work.


First things first, decide on a day to complete the job. Set a date and write it down to hold yourself accountable to cleaning your cubicle, otherwise work and other commitments will continue to take priority.

Clear the Junk

To begin, clear all the items off your desk that don’t absolutely need to be there. For example, those coffee mugs that have been sitting there for far too long or the pens that no longer work. Get rid of these items so you’re left with just the essentials.

Organize Your Drawers

Your drawers probably contain a lot of items you’ve forgotten about as well. Shred outdated documents and toss out any trash. At the same time, create a neat stack of papers you still need, or store them away in order into a file drawer if you have one. The extra time you take to clearly label and organize folders will save you time and energy when searching for documents later.

Declutter Your Desktop

While some people thrive in a messy environment, the vast majority of us need a tidy space in order to be most productive. Of all the things left on your desk, only leave your most-used items in sight, such as your computer, a notebook, and maybe a few pens. Put the rest away into your drawers or organizers for safekeeping and easy finding.

Make It Yours

After you clear the clutter and organize your desktop, it’s much easier to decorate and give it a bit of personality. If you have a cubicle, pin up a calendar, photos from home, or some motivational posters to get you through the day. Stock your space with a few healthy snacks such as nuts to keep you energized and healthy.

Once your space feels complete, you might find more motivation to keep it neat and looking nice!

We’re all about workflow solutions here at Pacific Office Automation, and we believe that a tidy space free of distractions translates into increased productivity. If you’d like additional organization tips or are interested in any of our other office solutions, contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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