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How to Manage Your Business’ Online Reputation

April 08, 2021

Maintaining a healthy presence for your business online is one of the most important and accessible tasks you can do to help ensure growth and positive word-of-mouth.  

While greeting customers and helping them in person goes a long way, here are a few steps you can take to help keep your business in the forefront of their mind long after they leave the store. 

Online Presence

Just like your storefront’s personality and feel when customers enter, your online presence must reflect your business’ interests. Anywhere online that you feel your customer base would congregate, you should have a presence. 

We recommend all brands, no matter their size, operate on at least the main three social platforms—Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But depending on your type of business, we recommend branching out. 

Have a clothing store? Be present on Pinterest. Have a physical storefront? Make sure customers can find you on Yellow Pages, Google My Business, and Yelp. 

Being present online before a customer actively searches for your business not only helps customers find you, but it also allows you and your team to garner helpful feedback about your business. 

Reach Out for Reviews

Regardless of whether your business is a local flower shop or a delivery service, asking your customers to go online to review your business is helpful in the long run. For example, the more positive reviews you gain via Google, the more local visibility when potential customers search for your business. 


It’s important to remember that being online is a two way street. Where your business is, so are your customers. Online, customers have the ability to be extremely vocal, which is why it’s critical that your business carries itself as transparently as possible. By putting your company’s best foot forward, you shield your business from possible unwanted negative customer feedback.

With transparency, it’s important to let your customers know of your brand’s wins as well as losses. Holding your business accountable when legitimate issues impact your customer base is an important step to transparency. 

When it comes to our customers, Pacific Office Automation strives to provide top-shelf customer support for our vast range of products. Looking to upgrade your brand’s hardware and software? Look no further than our qualified sales professional, and reach out for a consultation.

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