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Here is How Your Office Can Ensure Data Security in the Cloud

June 16, 2019

The cloud: love it for the convenience, hate it for the security risks. Whether you love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure. The cloud is here to stay. Let’s take a closer look at how you can work with your cloud service to ensure the strongest security for your business.

Problem: Data Stored by a Third Party

Solution: Extra Data Encryption

Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, the list goes on. The nature of the cloud is a cost-effective, convenient way for companies to store large amounts of information. The catch? Your data gets stored by a 3rd party provider, so there’s less control over data privacy and access.

Mitigate those privacy risks through your own data encryption, instead of relying on the cloud service provider to do it for you. Use the cloud for business convenience rather than robust security.

Problem: Employees Use Their Own Devices for Work

Solution: Implement Additional Security Measures

You’ve likely noticed the increasing trend of workers using their own mobile devices to do their jobs on-the-go. While BYOD (bring your own device) policies provide great convenience and ease-of-use, using personal devices for work can pose mounting security issues if not kept under control.

Your IT department can establish additional security for personal devices, including firewalls, two-factor authentication, anti-virus software, and even monitoring in some cases. Build trust with employees through clear communication upfront, so they know exactly what boundaries and policies are in place.

Problem: Cloud Credentials are Stored on… the Cloud

Solution: Encrypted Password Management

Working in the cloud means all your data will be stored there, including the passwords needed to access it. If the cloud suffers a data breach, chances are those passwords will be affected as well.

Consider a password management system that encrypts all user credentials in one central location. As we described above, your best bet for cloud security is to implement additional measures on your end; by the time you’re ready to store data in the cloud, it’s already protected by a layer of security.

Protect Your Assets with a Data Security Expert

We’re cloud users ourselves at POA, so we get the security risks that come along with the convenience. Let’s work together to come up with the right solutions for your office to keep your information locked down while moving your business forward. Contact us for today for your specific data security needs.

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