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Going Green for Earth Month

April 06, 2016

Sustainability is an increasingly common pillar of corporate responsibility. Companies large and small understand that reducing their environmental impact is good for business. Greener practices help to prevent wasteful spending, cast your business in a positive light, and of course, reduce environmental harm. Many businesses have adopted at least a few green practices, like recycling or switching to more energy-efficient office equipment. As we celebrate Earth Day this month, it's a good time to re-evaluate and recommit to sustainability efforts.

There are more opportunities than ever to reduce your environmental impact:

Equipment Recycling
Gone are the days when old copiers and printer cartridges were sent to landfills to live out their final days, leaking hazardous materials into the soil. Now, manufacturers and recycling facilities break down equipment and sort parts for reuse. At Pacific Office Automation, in partnership with Environmentally Conscious Recycling, we recycle machines, toner and cardboard at a rate of 99 percent or more.

Reining In Paper Waste
Reducing paper waste is a common goal for businesses. Still, even in the Digital Age, the average U.S. office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. It's common to print out materials to review before a meeting, or make copies of a proposal to submit for internal edits. However, printing out a copy each time you need to refer to or share a document is often unnecessary. Today's document management solutions allow work groups to create, share, edit and distribute documents electronically throughout the office and with clients. Paper-heavy offices can significantly reduce paper waste, printing costs and time wasted handling and searching for paper documents when they switch to an electronic records management system.

Choosing Efficient Models
Today's office equipment is built with efficiency in mind. MFPs now combine printing, copying, faxing and scanning in one machine. They also intuitively delete duplicate print jobs, and often have a "fast draft" print setting that uses less ink. You can also opt for an Energy Star-rated MFP that will switch to low power mode when not in use, significantly reducing energy expenditures.

Getting a Clearer Picture of Equipment Use
In large organizations with fleets of printers, paper waste can run rampant. To help you to take back the reins, Pacific Office Automation offers Print Track and Control to manage printing activity and costs. You can eliminate unnecessary printing due to duplicate jobs or blank pages, and control printing on high-cost devices. Print Track and Control allows administrators to track printing activity by machine, user or application.

Upgrade Your Faxing System
Faxing is often one of the most wasteful of all business processes. Printing a document, filling out a cover sheet, scanning it, dialing a fax number and hoping it goes through is also incredibly cumbersome. Investing in a fax server can save you time, energy and paper. Users can send and receive faxes electronically over a secure network for quick and reliable distribution. They can also block junk faxes and reduce redundant faxes.

Our team is dedicated to earth-friendly practices that help both the planet and your bottom line. We can help implement workflow solutions that reduce paper waste and printing costs, and help you to choose an energy-efficient MFP that will save your organization time and money. We work with the most trusted brands in the industry that offer their own toner recycling programs and that offer earth-friendly ink and energy-efficient models. Request a free workflow analysis to get started on maximizing your sustainability efforts.

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