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Get Moving! Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

May 05, 2021

2020 was a challenging year in more ways than we can count, but one thing we do know is that predominantly working from home and local stay-at-home orders have required many workers to adjust their workout schedule to something that is adaptable, quick, and efficient.

With many stay-at-home workers, the office space has intruded on living and bedroom spaces, limiting room for simple workouts. But don’t worry, as we’ve compiled a list of exercises you can perform at your desk!

Marching Core

This one you’ll do without leaving your chair, but make sure you have room in front of you. First, sit on the edge of your chair and be sure to keep your back straight. Engage and flex your core muscles while slightly leaning back while maintaining a straight back. Now, hold that pose for 10 to 15 seconds then relax and repeat the hold five times or however many are comfortable. If you want an extra challenge, try lifting one foot during each rep. 

Seated Torso Twist 

Sit back deep in your chair and straighten your back. Position yourself as tall as you can sit, as if an invisible cord is pulling you up by the head, all the way down your straightened spine. While sitting tall, gently inhale. Upon exhale, twist your body to the left or right and then take five additional breaths. With each exhale, challenge yourself to stretch a bit deeper. Repeat with your other side. 

Million Dollar Quad Pulses

Sit up as tall in your chair with your legs and thighs pressed together as tightly as possible. Now, slowly straighten one of your legs. Once straight, pulse it up a few inches while still keeping your thighs firmly together. Continue the action until you’ve pulsed 20 times, then switch legs. Repeat as needed. 

Arm Pulses

It’s time to stand up! Arms pulses will help loosen up your shoulders and tricep muscles. Stand up straight with your arms to your side. Open your hands and face your palms behind you. While keeping your arms as straight as possible, pulse both backward for 20 seconds. Rest, then repeat. 

Arm Circles

While standing, lift your arms out wide and straight to your sides at shoulder height. While standing straight, position your feet shoulder length apart. With your arms out on either side, move them both in small circles for 20 seconds. Alternate directions and repeat. 

Calf Raise

Stand behind your chair using the back as support. Gently raise your heels off the floor in a tip-toe position then slowly return to the floor. Repeat 3 to 4 sets of ten, or however many feel comfortable. If you want a slightly extra challenge, try not using your chair as balance support. 

There are dozens of additional exercises you can perform at or around your desk, so we encourage you to branch out beyond the above exercises! Afterall, knowing your body and how it functions will not only lead to healthier living, but better focus when it comes to work! 

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