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Essential Pieces of Equipment for a Small Office

June 03, 2021

With technology constantly evolving to provide solutions to every imaginable situation in today’s world, it’s overwhelming to figure out what’s actually worth the investment - especially for a small office. Some innovations will increase efficiency and integrate different areas of your business, while others may end up collecting dust in the corner.

To break it down, here’s a list of the four pieces of essential office equipment to keep your business at peak performance:


Regardless of whether you’re starting to go paperless or printing hundreds to thousands of documents every day, a printer is not a resource to skimp on. Connection issues, paper jams, and delayed printing are all common issues that slow your business down and should be avoided at all costs. To increase employee productivity, try out a printer with mobile printing or one with speeds of up to 65 pages per minute.


As our world transitions to digital platforms, it’s crucial to have electronic copies of important documents and contracts. Scanning physical documents to your computer, mobile device, or the cloud will not only escalate convenience and accessibility, but it’ll give you more options to keep your data secure by encrypting and protecting it with a password. If you’re looking for an all-in-one product, browse our multifunction printers and tackle your printing, copying, and scanning needs all in one place.


Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems seamlessly integrate your communication processes from voice calling to video conferencing. Being internet-based, it’ll be substantially easier to connect with existing applications and transcribe messages, ultimately improving productivity.

Mailing System

The ultimate time-saving tool is a mailing system. It’ll relieve you from tedious tasks like folding, inserting, and sealing envelopes, and take it a step further by labeling postage on up to 310 letters per minute.

Find the Perfect Equipment for Your Office

When it comes to selecting the specific models of business equipment that are right for your office, the team at Pacific Office Automation is ready with expert advice. We’ve been around the block a few times and know what it takes to customize a solution specific to you. Contact your local office to get in touch with an expert.

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