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Ease Holiday Travel Stress with Desktop Apps and Remote Document Management Capabilities

January 01, 2013

Travel during the holiday season often involves planes, train, automobiles, and time away from the office. However, modern workplaces know that business does not always happen behind a desk and workflow does not need to be interrupted due to travel during the holidays or remote business throughout the year. Stay connected no matter where your travel itinerary takes you with remote networking capabilities from Pacific Office Automation.

For staying connected on the road, desktop apps are a great option for the creation, combination, and distribution of documents remotely. Users can enable remote records management and access office printers from mobile devices with desktop apps such as Ricoh’s App2Me from Pacific Office Automation. Desktop apps keep workflow processes intact so that if something comes up while away from your desk, such as a delay in travel, you can stay accessible and in the loop by simply  using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Another element that is crucial for remote networking is a digital document management system. Housing company data in a centralized document management system saves time and money, while also allowing for remote document management. By converting to a digital data storage system, employees can file, search, and access important documents on the road, without interrupting workflow processes.

Going digital and investing in remote networking capabilities can help your company stay in touch over the holidays, but will also provide flexibility that will continue into the New Year. To learn more about remote networking capabilities and to get started with a digital records management system or desktop application, contact Pacific Office Automation today. Our award-winning sales and customer service team is standing by to help answer questions and improve your office workflow.

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