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Color Versus Black and White Printing: Office Solutions for Conserving Print Supplies

September 21, 2012

At Pacific Office Automation, we understand that everyone from small business owners to CEOs want to save money on printing and supply costs. That’s why we make it easy, providing a few simple solutions for managing ink and toner use, reducing waste, and saving resources. Besides upgrading to an inkjet color printer with 100% toner efficiency and energy-saving options, one of the easiest ways to conserve ink and toner is simply to regulate when users are printing with color as opposed to black and white.

By understanding when and how to print in full color and when to save on ink by printing in black and white with a low resolution and contrast, you can begin to implement strategies to monitor ink and toner use and increase print efficiency. Additionally, when you configure your printer to operate at the highest level of productivity with minimal amounts of waste, you can cut overall print costs, streamline business processes, and improve office workflow.

Pacific Office Automation offers only the best printers from the most trusted manufacturers like Canon and HP, and our color printers allow users to manage everyday ink and toner use and create custom settings that restrict color options for different departments or individuals. Allow your marketing or sales department to print with full-color options when creating marketing materials or documents, but for departments that print documents for internal use, set their default settings to black and white prints and monitor when and why color copies are made. Or, you can set each company printer to automatically print in black and white unless a secure password is entered.

If you need help getting started on what kind of printer is right for you, let us know and we can discuss your options. Setting up custom print options will help your company save on ink and toner use; however, creating company guidelines for printing will also help your business by giving employees an easy reference for options and preferences when printing documents. Determine company print job standards, and let Pacific Office Automation take care of the rest!

Our award-winning sales and customer service team can help configure your printer’s settings and decide when to print in color versus black and white; we can also provide other office solutions like cloud services to ensure your entire company is running as smoothly as your printer.

As a proud leader in the industry for reducing waste, we have a commitment to carrying out all of our procedures through the lens of sustainability. Contact us today to learn more!

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