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Breaking Down a Multifunction Printer

October 21, 2014

Whether you’re looking to outfit your law office with new printers in Tucson, AZ or you’re supplying a school in Albuquerque, NM with upgraded scanners, a multifunction printer could be the best solution for all of your printing, scanning and faxing needs. A multifunctional printer consolidates several machinery in one; it prints, scans, copy, and faxes documents which helps save energy and eliminate waste.

While home-based inkjet printers will produce about 13-15 pages per minute (PPM), a multifunction printer will typically produce anywhere from 20 to 65 ppm depending on the model.

Multifunction printers perform over 300% faster than their inkjet counterparts.

Many multifunction models now come with advanced technology to enhance workflow even further. With options to print remotely, manage projects with optimized software, or stay in control of office-wide printing, multifunction printers are the answer to streamlining and running an office more productively.

Gone are the days of standing by the copy machine with a stapler in hand, ready to manually staple and collate documents. Multifunction printers take those additional steps away with finishing options such as 3-hole punch and stapling so you can spend more time on what matters: staying productive.

Pacific Office Automation has printers for any sized office all over the west coast including Utah and Colorado. Get in touch for a free workflow analysis and see how we can optimize your workflow.

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