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A Case for Leasing Your Next Copier

March 18, 2019

Thinking about new office equipment? It’s important to weigh the decision based on what makes the most sense for your business. Make it a little clearer by looking at this decision as you would leasing or buying a car.

With leasing, you’ll have a lower cost upfront with maintenance likely included through the duration of the lease. When you buy, you’ll typically pay more at the beginning, but you’ll be able to build equity through the life of the equipment (or vehicle). We’ve laid out the major pros and cons of leasing a copier below.

Is Copier Leasing Right for Me?

The following pros and cons provide a more detailed picture of what a copier lease might involve. A lease often makes more sense for many small and growing businesses, as it allows them to be more flexible with what they need without a major investment upfront.

The Good

  • Lower upfront cost
  • Flexible leasing terms
  • Copier repairs & maintenance included in the lease
  • Easier to upgrade equipment as business grows

The Not So Good

  • Higher cost in the long run
  • Copier use bound by lease terms
  • Unable to build equity in the copier

Remember: a copier lease is not the same as a rental. Where you might rent a copier for a few weeks or months as business requires, a lease will typically last 2-3 years, depending on the terms.

Lease Your Next Copier from POA

Ultimately, leasing a copier is a great option for both small and larger businesses that have more limited cash flows. Spread your costs out and enjoy the latest copier technology while being able to upgrade every few years. What more could you want?

Here at Pacific Office Automation, we’re proud to provide copiers, printers and more to many businesses across the West. Get your free lease quote from our team of copier experts today.

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