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7 Steps to Increase Productivity at Work and Throughout the Day

May 14, 2013

Every company wants to increase productivity. Many invest heavily in technology and other organizational systems to maximize their workforce's time and keep workflow processes streamlined and consistent. No matter the company's size, Pacific Office Automation can provide a wealth of custom workflow solutions that will keep business running smoothly. Our 30 years' of experience have taught us proven steps to increase productivity at work:

  1. Invest in records management system. This is a huge timesaver, especially for organizations swimming in documents. Storing documents electronically helps with easy retrieval and distribution. No more sifting through file folders and making trips to the copy machine.

  2. Create an archiving system that works for you. Archiving systems can be tricky. They should be tailor-made to work for your organization and how it sends and retrieves documents. POA's experienced staff are archiving specialists who can help set up the archiving system as well as convert paper files to an electronic records management system.

  3. Utilize POA's document tracking solutions, so you do not lose any valuable documents as they move through various channels or departments.

  4. Invest in desktop apps to manage workflow processes on the go. With the popularity of smartphones and computer tablets, there are no excuses for not providing instant responses to customers. In fact, they demand it. Your staff needs to be able to access files, create and distribute from anywhere, and send important documents from the office printer directly to a mobile device.

  5. Invest in an MFP with paper-handling capabilities. Today's laser printer can pull its weight in the office. So many come with functions like double-sided printing, stapling and sorting that can save your staff an enormous amount of time assembling documents.

  6. Invest in MFP network support software. This software will alert the IT manager or office manager if an MFP's paper levels, toner levels or memory levels are low or the machine needs some other type of attention, such as closing the printer's cover. With MFP network support software, large printing jobs won't be interrupted unnecessarily.

  7. Find the best printer for your needs. There are so many options out there. POA works with the industry's most trusted manufacturers who produce a huge range of MFPs. From commercial printers to space-saving desktop inkjet printers, we have the expertise to find the right fit for your organization.

With today's advanced technology, there are a number of ways to boost productivity both in and outside the office. The key is maximizing that technology to make it work for you. At Pacific Office Automation, we strive to do just that: improve workflow to increase productivity. In fact, our motto is "Problem solved." That means tailor-made workflow processes solutions that will keep your workforce focused on the core business. Contact POA today to find out more about how we can help you.

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