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6 Tips for Staying Ahead of Printer Maintenance

March 07, 2013

Like all machines, printers require maintenance now and then. Just as you do not want your car to break down on the way to an important meeting, any unplanned printer malfunction is a costly interruption to your office workflow. The key to avoiding such a scenario is staying head of printer maintenance. Pacific Office Automation offers these six easy tips for printer maintenance:

  1. Keep it clean. All manufacturers encourage routine cleaning of printers, both inside and out, to maintain function. Dust can wreak havoc on print quality, so it is important to wipe down the exterior and interior with dry lint-free cloths when necessary. A good rule of thumb is to clean the machine each time you replace the toner. Consult machine manuals to find out how to properly clean your machine, including the pickup roller.
  2. Run print cleaning cycles. Most MFPs have a “cleaning page” function that allows users to print test pages or run print head cleaning cycles. Laser printers use special cleaning sheets to prevent future damage.
  3. Enable print controls to eliminate unnecessary printing. MFPs can intuitively delete duplicate jobs or use the least-wasteful print setting for a particular document. Print controls also limit and track user access, which prevents excessive printing. This cuts down on supplies costs and lessens overall wear and tear on the machine.

  4. Consider purchasing MFP network support software. This gives managers a central point of control to supervise all networked machines within an organization. With one-click, they can view toner levels, paper levels and memory levels for prompt replenishment. Printing with low toner levels can significantly damage a machine. Web-based MFP network support software also sends notifications via email or text message when a machine needs attention. A proactive approach to printer maintenance means workflow management is running smoothly.
  5. If you have a huge fleet of printers across different locations, consider outsourcing printer management. Pacific Office Automation offers custom managed print services that can track every machine from one central port with state-of-the-art equipment monitoring capabilities. If a problem does arise, POA sends out a technician within a few short hours and will have machines back online quickly.

  6. Make sure to install driver updates when they are available. Whether the update fixes a bug, adds capabilities or works more efficiently with an operating system, driver updates are important to keep machines working to the best of their abilities.

Pacific Office’s mission is to help our customers improve their electronic document management systems, and a multifunction printer can do just that — as long as it is operating correctly. Our award-winning service and support team responds quickly to any repair need our customers have, but we ultimately want to prevent problems before they happen. Contact us today to find out more. 

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