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5 Workplace Hacks to Try Out in the New Year

January 14, 2019

As we say hello to the New Year, we’re setting our New Year’s resolutions for work. Here are five easy workplace hacks to try this coming year that can help your productivity skyrocket!

Clear Your Space

This includes your digital and physical space. Use the start of the New Year to clean up your desk—and your desktop. If your desk has collected items over the last year that aren’t essential to your job responsibilities, toss them out. While you’re in a cleaning mood, clear your computer desktop of any outdated or nonessential files and documents.

By decluttering your spaces, there’s a good chance your brain will feel less cluttered as well. Feeling especially ambitious? Set a goal to reach inbox zero!

Healthy Snacks Only

We’ve all felt the effects of the 2 PM slump. When you’re feeling sleepy, it’s tempting to reach for the office snacks or hit the vending machine for an easy pick-me-up. But, chances are, these snacks aren’t the healthiest and might leave you feeling more sluggish for the rest of the day.

Instead, prep your own set of snacks each week that’ll help boost your energy—think fresh fruit, nuts, or veggies and hummus!

Get Comfortable

Like it or not, people spend many of their waking hours at work, so comfort should be a priority. If not already provided by your employer, invest in ergonomic office supplies like keyboards and mice, switch to a more comfortable chair and if needed, extra support cushions.

Drown Out the Noise

White noise is key in office environments, especially open offices without cubicles. If you find yourself listening in to your neighbor’s calls and conversations, get a white noise machine on your desk to help muffle noise around you. Or, invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones so you can drown out distractions while listening to your favorite songs.

Schedule in Breaks

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, remember to take breaks throughout the day to rest your eyes and your brain away from your screen. By physically scheduling in break time on your calendar, it’ll be easier to get up and walk around for a few minutes to reset before returning to work.

Improve Your Productivity at Work

We’re all about productivity here at Pacific Office Automation. For more ideas on office hacks and to find out about the office solutions we offer, contact us today.

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