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5 Tips to Keep Your Post-Grad Job Search Focused & On Track

June 09, 2021

Looking ahead to life beyond college is daunting for most graduates, especially those who aren’t sure of their next steps. If you’re still in the job searching stage, here are 5 tips to help keep the process focused and ultimately lead to a rewarding path.

Keep Options Open

If you’re not landing your dream job right away, don’t fret. As a brand-new grad, the world is your oyster; why not do some exploring to figure out what you love to do? Don’t overlook internship opportunities. Take some time to research different companies and jobs you might be interested in, and don’t be afraid to send out multiple applications to different companies!

Use Social Media Wisely

Use your social media presence to your advantage. Update your LinkedIn profile, and connect and network with those you’d like to learn from or whose career path you’d like to emulate. Fellow recent alumni from your school can be especially helpful resources in connecting you to their companies.

Stay Educated

If application and interview follow ups are taking longer than expected, use the in-between time to study up on skills that will make you stand out as a candidate. If your dream job mentions specific skills or certifications, what steps do you need to take to achieve those? Use your job-hunting season wisely to become the strongest candidate you can be.

Connect with Mentors

Identify a few people in your desired field to connect and begin building a relationship with. Maybe these are people you’ve briefly met in the past; use these connections to your advantage as you begin a career. Ask questions, learn from their experience, and grow a long-term mentoring relationship with them.

Have a Plan & Stick to It

With so many paths and options available, the transition to post-grad life can feel like a case of decision paralysis. Take time to list out your main priorities in a career and even just for your first job out of college. By drawing out a plan, you’ll be able to envision your career with fresh eyes while also narrowing in on the right role for you.

Career Opportunities at Pacific Office Automation

Many current POA employees made the transition from college to full-time careers with us. With ongoing education and mentoring opportunities, it’s our goal that many of them will also stay on our team to develop a rewarding, long-term career. Interested? Apply online to one of our current openings today!

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