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5 Tips for Organizing Digital Documents

July 24, 2019

Wondering how to organize all of those documents laying around the office? It’s difficult to keep track of countless agendas, inventory sheets, invoices, and other crucial documents. Paperwork is everywhere and managing it all can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be.

We’ve curated a list of 5 quick tips on how to keep your documents organized and ready for use.

Office Scanner

If your team doesn’t already have one, it’s beneficial to invest in a document scanner. Paperwork can easily get lost amidst the rush of the workweek. Scanners ensure that all of your important documents are safe, organized, and available. Long-term, they allow for team members to access vital resources at any time and protect valuable information.

Folders are Key

Without folders, finding scanned documents can turn into a rigorous process of hide-and-seek. Creating folders provides organization and clarity for all team members. Try creating a folder for each department, and from there you can continue to add more specific sections.

Communicate the Process

It’s important that everyone learns how to navigate and upload files at your workplace. Let current and new team members know about the protocol for scanning and organizing paperwork to promote an all-around understanding of how to move forward in this venture.

Consistent Format

As you start saving files, it’s important to have a consistent structure throughout. It’s confusing to scour through different documents that have random letters, numbers, and symbols. Consistency in naming files will go a long way toward assuring that, as more and more people scan, there is a uniform approach that is easily understood by all team members.

Choose the Important Stuff

If you have endless stacks of papers, you don’t have to scan every single receipt, notebook, and agenda that you find. Before you begin scanning, try to focus on the important documents. As you move forward, it’s beneficial to scan new documents as you get them.

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