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5 Tips for Better Employee Onboarding

May 17, 2021

Did you know that over 30% of employees leave a job after 6 months? An engaging onboarding process can potentially reduce that stat by starting new employees off on the right foot and creating loyalty to their new employer.

The most beneficial onboarding starts as soon as an applicant accepts the offer and continues after they begin the role. Find 5 tips below for successful onboarding.

Before the First Day

Employers can help ease a new hire’s first day jitters by starting onboarding before they even arrive. Keep in touch with them throughout the process to keep them in the loop and prepared to hit the ground running on their first day.

1. Send a check-in email with details on where to go, who will meet them, and what to bring on the first day.

2. Follow up with a welcome packet that might include company history and employee expectations.

Day One

Not only should HR welcome new hires, but teams should be prepared to welcome a new member into their group. The first day on the job should focus on getting the new hire acclimated to the office, the company culture, and his or her coworkers.

3. Pair up new hires with a buddy to help show them around and make introductions.

4. Help them set up their equipment, accounts, and systems—phone, laptop, email, etc.

Ongoing New Hire Support

Onboarding doesn’t end in the first week. Managers should set up regular check-ins with new team members to set goals and ensure expectations are being met on both sides.

5. Set up various employees to collect feedback from the new hire to ensure any questions or struggles get addressed.

Join the Team at POA

Each new employee we onboard gets to experience our team-oriented culture of growth from before day one on the job. Check out careers at Pacific Office Automation, and discover an exceptional employee experience.

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