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4 Ways Managed IT Services Can Help Public Schools

December 04, 2014

Walk into a public school classroom today, and you are likely to see a handful of laptops or computer tablets. School districts across the country are placing more emphasis on technology, and they are spending a bigger chunk of their budgets on technology improvements and IT management.

A managed service provider (MSP) offers network-based services, such as server maintenance, cloud management and malware protection--remotely. While budgets can be unpredictable, public schools cannot afford to eliminate IT. Many schools with tight budgets increasingly outsource IT management to save money and the headache of trying to conquer it themselves. The value of managed IT services is quite broad, but public schools can especially benefit in the following ways:

1. 24/7 backup monitoring. Schools have an enormous amount of information to store. With backup monitoring, schools won't lose another transcript, test score or payroll information again.

2. System monitoring with anti-virus and anti-malware protection. Protection against spyware is critical in schools because not only can spyware lift personal data, it can redirect users to dangerous websites.

3. Email security and premium spam filtering to protect students’ information as well as keep inappropriate content out of their inboxes.

4. Server monitoring. Servers host your network and computer system, and when they are down, they can bring everything to a standstill. A teacher whose lesson plan relies on an internet connection won't be forced to scrap the entire lesson.

Pacific Office Automation offers comprehensive managed IT services. Our IT and network technicians can solve any problem and keep network problems at bay. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your school's technology needs.

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