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3 Ways to Stay Connected When Working from Home

December 15, 2021

In 2021, office work has spread across in-office, hybrid, and remote locations, making it difficult to stay in contact with colleagues and staff. As we move into 2022, getting everyone back together still seems like a long way off, so we’ve compiled a few ways to stay connected while working remotely.

Regular & Focused Team Meetings

We know team meetings can sometimes be a drag, but scheduling and following through with at least one virtual team meeting a week can help with a gamut of remote-work stresses like isolation and morale. For those team members that live and work alone, a valuable team meeting where colleagues can bounce ideas off each other, smile, share projects, make eye contact and generally touch base, can be an irreplaceable moment of the workweek.

Daily Communication

You don’t need to talk to someone every day, but finding a good balance of work time vs. chat time can help alleviate workday stresses and allow you to be seen. Businesses small to large typically utilize some form of chat software like Slack, Office 365, or Google Chat, so taking advantage of what those services have to offer is not only smart but usually encouraged by your employer. Finding a playful Slack channel like #work-cats or #movie-talk, while simple, allows you to be part of something with your teammates that’s more than just work. 


“Before leaving for the field trip, be sure to find your buddy!” 

While you may have left the buddy system back in Elementary School, bringing the system into your work environment is both a smart career tactic and a helpful tool for being seen at work. It’s hard to talk about our own accomplishments. Having a person (or two!) that are always there for you when you need to talk or will bolster your milestones or accomplishments publicly to the rest of the staff is a sure-fire way to not only stay in the minds of upper management but also raise the tide for all boats. Or rather, you’ll be their buddy too, so singing the praises of your buddy’s work lifts them up also. 

The Tools You Need

As with all online communication in 2021, staying protected and secure is highly important, especially whenever sensitive information is involved. Here at Pacific Office Automation, we’re equipped with the software and data services to secure and manage your company’s info so that when you chat with your colleagues and buddies, you know you’re secure. 

Reach out to your local sales representative today and see how POA can assist you and your business.

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