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3 Pieces of Advice Professional Women Should Hear

March 01, 2018

Despite more and more women joining and staying in the workforce, many still don’t feel confident at work. It’s important for all professionals to stand up for what they want in a career, but this takes practice. In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day on March 8, we’ve put together a few important pieces of career advice for women.

Don’t Be Afraid to Let Your Voice Be Heard

This includes both asking more questions and doing more self-promotion. In meetings, make an effort to speak up. Don’t have any questions? Talk about some interesting industry news or share thoughts on a recent team project. How can women self-promote without feeling like they’re bragging?

  • Tell colleagues and managers about current projects
  • Talk about recent challenges they’ve overcome
  • Share excitement about an upcoming project

One of the best places to practice this skill is in one-on-one meetings or performance reviews.

The Hardest Jobs Present the Most Growth

We’ve all heard that it’s important to step outside your comfort zone to get ahead in life, but this proves to be challenging for many of us. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of incompetence, or any other insecurity, we can come up with endless reasons not to take on a new and challenging role.

However, without challenges at work, employees can easily feel bored, uninspired, and unable to progress. As mentioned above, women have the opportunity to speak up at work, which includes seeking out new challenges and not becoming complacent in one role.

Follow Your Passion and the Money WIll Follow

While it might sound cliché, there’s nothing worse than feeling stuck in a job you don’t enjoy simply to cash a paycheck. Some women envision themselves leading a nonprofit while others might enjoy providing workflow solutions to offices. When you find a way to do what you enjoy, you’ll see crossroads coming together to combine your passions with work.

A Place for Professionals at POA

At Pacific Office Automation, it’s our goal to help all our employees find a role in which they can grow and succeed. Through a culture of teamwork and collaboration, we encourage everyone to find ways to add unique value to help POA expand its reach. Want to experience our exciting culture? Discover a career at POA today.

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