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3 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Office Efficiency (And How to Keep Them)

January 28, 2015

Everyone knows the No. 1 New Year's resolution: Lose weight. But did you know that "Getting organized" is No.2? Resolutions might seem cliché, but there is something to be said for using the new year as a jumping off point for improvement.

Becoming more efficient at work goes hand-in-hand with getting organized. With so much technology at our fingertips to help automate workflows, there is no reason 2015 can't be the year that you become more organized and efficient. Here are 3 New Year's Resolutions that you should adopt (and keep) to be more productive at work:

1. Open the line of communications between employees and their managers. By promoting communication, you promote collaboration, which can lead to innovation. Plus, employees who feel they have a voice often feel more empowered to work harder and get results.

2. Streamline processes. Examine your procedures closely and identify areas that can be simplified. If there is a bottleneck in your workflows — say a document or report that has to go through too many people — find out a way to streamline it. The same goes for document management. With an organized, electronic system, employees can locate, edit and share documents quickly.

3. Evaluate your resources. Look at the equipment and software you are employing. What's working well with it? Office equipment and apps are increasingly intelligent and can automate a number of tasks to free up your employees' time to concentrate on other tasks.

Pacific Office Automation was founded with the mission to solve our customers' problems. For more information about how our workflow solutions can help you keep your resolutions to be more efficient, contact us today.

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