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3 Easy Ways to Save Ink and Toner

January 08, 2013

Printing is essential for most office systems, so it is important to plan ahead and ensure that your company saves on ink and toner to be mindful of print resources. If you aren’t monitoring ink and toner usage, printing costs can easily add up and spiral out of control. Pacific Office Automation understands the importance of saving on printing and has three simple solutions to cut back on ink, toner, and overall printing costs.

First, take a look at your existing office automation technology and evaluate whether it is fulfilling your specific print job needs. If your office only prints internal documents, a black and white printer might be the best option, while a color printer or multifunction printer might be a better choice if your print needs are more diverse. Does your company have a large print volume or require specialty print jobs such as booklets or posters? Consider a wide format printer to save resources by keeping these types of print jobs in house.

Evaluating your office workflow and determining what piece of office technology is best for your organization can go a long way in helping get the most out of your printer while continuously saving on resources.

Second, check the default settings of your inkjet or laser printer and make sure that documents are being printed in black and white, unless otherwise specified, and that minimal amounts of ink and toner are being used. Configuring your machine to print internal documents in greyscale with less ink and toner can help save on print costs and ensure that color ink and toner cartridges are saved only for marketing materials and client-ready documents.

Finally, print track and control options give managers the ability to track printing activity and costs, in order to better understand where waste can be minimized and resources maximized. Integrate print track and control options, with a print control function that keeps documents from unnecessarily or accidentally being printed, to help ensure that print resources are not being misused.
To learn more about printer resources and ways to save on ink and toner, contact Pacific Office Automation today!

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