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Multifunction, Black & White

To fit the needs of the growing business with a high volume output demand Sharp and Pacific Office Automation present the MX-M550 for all your office solutions. As an Energy Star rated product, the MX-M550 will save you money and cut your daily energy costs. To accommodate the high volume needs of your company the MX-M550 can print documents at speeds of up to 55 PPM. This speed paired with a paper capacity of 6,600 sheets will keep you company up and running with fewer stops to restock printer supplies.

If your company needs to combine multiple documents into a single one, the MX-M550 has the ability to compile up to 10,000 pages in one document. To suit the needs of a fast paced company who is constantly printing the same documents, the MX-M550 has the office technology and hard drive space to store up to 60,000 pages for quick and easy access. If your company requires the scanning of longer documents on a regular basis, the 150 sheet duplex single pass document feeder will save you time and energy, allowing you and your coworkers to get on with your work while the MX-M550 takes care of the scanning and copying. Time spent waiting for your documents will be significantly decreased with its ability to scan images at a speed of 65 IPM (images per minute).

To ensure your workplace stays clean, efficient, and organized, the MX-M550 is equipped with the standard document filing system, allowing you and your coworkers to send your documents to your networked filing system. This easy-to-use document filing system will cut down on your paper use as well as allow easy access to your documents to all concerned parties. If your company has an even higher demand for output, you can easily buy two machines and seamlessly integrate them doubling your potential output with a simple office solution.

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