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Multifunction, Color

The MX-M200D is a small but mighty addition to our collection of MFPs here at Pacific Office Automation. If you are looking for an MFP that will print in black and white and color, scan in color, copy, and that can easily be modified in the future, the MX-M200D is the perfect fit for you. Printing in laser quality at 600 dpi (dots per inch) at speeds of up to 20 ppm (pages per minute), the MX-M200D is an excellent addition to your existing office technology and supplies.

If you need to print or copy packets of information the offset staking and electronic sorting will save you countless hours of manual labor. If you need to enlarge or shrink an image the copier service provides a range of 25%-400% zoom. The MX-M200D is designed with your pocketbook in mind, providing you with cost effective office solutions. As an Energy Star rated product you will save money on your energy bill and conserve energy with no cost to the production of your product. The MX-M200D is also equipped with a toner save mode that will cut your costs on printer supplies.

As your business grows and you are looking for a more time effective way to streamline your workflow and organize your documents, you can install the Network Expansion Kit that will enable you to network multiple computers to your MFP as well as share networked scanning files. If you find you need faxing capabilities, you can easily attach the Super G3 Fax extension kit that has a broadcasting capability of up to 200 destinations. As your office continues to grow, Sharp and their office technology will continue to provide you with inventive office solutions. If you are looking to a little bit of pizzazz into your office life and office technology the MX-M200D is sure to do that.

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