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Multifunction, Color

The MX-5500N, designed by Sharp, is a piece of office technology that will enhance your workplace and get your office running at optimum speeds. With the MX-5500N, Pacific Office Automation offers you not only a product that will provide you with office solutions, but also a product that is Energy Star rated. The MX-5500N will trim time spent waiting for documents to print, by printing at speeds up to 55 ppm (pages per minute). When you need to print off images in color, you will be impressed with the quality of the product and at how quickly they are printed, at a speed of 41 ppm.

To accommodate the user who is looking to save time and money by doing more color printing in house, the MX-5500N is equipped with an advanced image stabilization office technology to ensure your images come out crisp and vibrant every time. The MX-5500N supports up to 1,000 different networked users. With this many supported users the MX-5500N is equipped with a paper capacity of 6,600 sheets to accommodate the high output of your workplace. A high output workplace like yours will benefit from the offset sorting and stacking capabilities of the MX-5500N, making finding your document an easier task.

While the MX-5500N has incredible printer services, it also provides you with innovative scanning, faxing, and copying services. With ImageSEND and Scan2 office technology, you can scan a document and then send it directly to up to seven different locations. If you or your coworkers find yourselves performing the same tasks over and over, you can easily make a shortcut command to perform those tasks. Some of these tasks are designed specifically to save you time, energy, and printer supplies. If you need to distribute your document to everyone in your organization, you can simply file it in a networked file and all authorized parties will be able to access your document. With this amount of versatile functions, Pacific Office Automation ensures the safety of you and your intellectual property by providing Sharp’s award winning security suite.

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