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Multifunction, Color

With a warm-up of 30 seconds, the Sharp MX-5141N can go from 0 to 51 pages per minute in less time than Adobe patch needs to download. Now provided by Pacific Office Automation, this multifunction printer packs a serious punch for those looking to increase output and simplify workflow. Basic specifications include capacity for 1100 sheets, a 150 sheet Duplex Single Pass Feeder for copying, and a 10.1 inch HD touch-screen with intuitive controls. Sharp prints and detailed images are assured through 1200x1200 dpi resolution printing, 600x600 dpi resolution scanning, and Adobe PostScript compatibility.  While certainly potent, the device also boasts an Energy Star approved design, including an LED exposure lamp, Auto Power Management, and Eco-Scan.

Far more than just a quality printer and scanner, the MX-5141N also offers astonishing flexibleness for network integration. Sharp’s OSA enables customization through standard languages like SOAP, XML, and XHTML, which enables quick and accurate configurations, automatic responses, and on-the-fly changes. Further, users can enjoy comprehensive access to all network applications, folders, documents, and cloud services. Instead of returning to the given computer, users can employ the touch-screen console and extendable keyboard to make fast and convenient alterations.

The MX-5141N’s capabilities will not be bottlenecked by its hardware either. 4 GB of RAM, a 320 GB HDD, and 1.8 GHz multiprocessor ensure tasks run smoothly without slowdown, no matter if emailing a scan to printer’s 1000 unique profiles, altering a document in Excel, or both at the same time.  From quality paper documents to no-nonsense digital circulation, the MX-5141N offers the dynamic versatility and quality utilities that fast-paced offices and workplaces can depend on.

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