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Multifunction, Color

Pacific Office Automations is proud to present the Sharp MX-3640N. Recipient of the U.S. General Services Administration’s Evergreen Award and Energy Star approved, this multifunction printer is good for the environment, your energy bill, and your workplace’s productivity. From its intuitive 10.1 inch HD touch-pad users can access, change, and move documents throughout the network and even interact with vital applications, such as Enterprise Resource Planning software. Additionally, Sharp’s OSA is completely compatible with popular script protocols like SOAP, XML, and XHTML, enabling administrators to quickly and easily create custom configurations, application extensions, and automated responses.  

Digital distribution is direct and streamlined. With the MX 3640N, quickly edit scans through user-friendly touch controls, save them in a number of popular formats like TIFF, JPEG, and encrypted PDF, and through ImageSEND place it in different locations simultaneously. Similarly, Send-to-Group enables straightforward bulk sharing through email, fax, or internet fax. Keep correspondence secure through a number of security measures, including encryption, 7x overwriting, user validation, action tracking, and real-time administrative monitoring.

While great for workflow, the MX-3640N also has the sophisticated hardware you need. Load up to 6,600 sheets through additional paper tray modules, print 36 pages each minute, and make up to 999 copies per document. Sharp detail and vivid coloration is assured thanks to 1200x1200 dpi print resolution, 600x600 dpi scan resolution, and enhanced micro-fine toners. Further boost convenience through optional Sharp modules and software kits, including faxes, inner finishers, and automated staplers. From formatting a document to distributing the final draft, the MX-3640N provides the interconnectivity you covet and the performance you require.

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