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Multifunction, Color

Combining Sharp’s critically acclaimed hardware with fantastic interconnectivity, the MX-3140N multifunction printer is a comprehensive solution that increases productivity and speeds workflow. Never commute back to a computer for emailing scans thanks to the Send-to-Group feature, which enables direct delivery to recipients through email, fax, and online fax. Scans themselves can be edited, saved as TIFFs, JPEGs, and encrypted PDFs, and stored in up to seven network locations concurrently. Such ability isn’t just convenient, but very fluid and user-friendly thanks to a 10.1 inch HD touch-screen display that allows for real-time reviews and edits.

The MX-3140N has hardware to match its digital prowess: stock 6,600 sheets through paper tray expansions, print at a rate of 31 sheets per minute, scan documents at 600x600 dpi resolutions, and enjoy warm ups of less than 18 seconds.  Additionally, the 320 GB HDD, 4 GB of RAM, and 1.8 GHz multi-processor ensure ample speed and room to store memory intensive documents. Multi-task scanning, printing, and touch screen alterations or browsing simultaneously.  Impressively, the machine is also energy efficient and boasts an Energy Star approved design.

Network integration is another highlight. Through Sharp’s OSA, administrators can use SOAP, XML, and XHTML to alter configurations, build application bridges, and customize access profiles. Bilateral remote access is also possible, with network computers able to browse and interact with the MX-3140N; while the machine’s touch-screen is able to open and command network applications, folders, and documents.  Now on-hand at Pacific Office Automations, the MX-3140N is an ideal solution for offices and workplaces of any size or business.

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