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Multifunction, Color

Save time and increase productivity through the Toshiba e-STUDIO4555C. A multifunction printer that offers impressive capability and interconnectivity alike, this machine is ideal for medium work groups, commercial copy centers, and similar environments.

Print 45 color or black/white pages per minute at 600x1200 dpi resolutions, ensuring professional clarity and speed each job. Additionally, low temperature toner ink and advanced color matching technology provide accurate renditions of each digital or scanned image.

Recognized for speed and precision, the device’s scanner copies 72 images per minute at 300 dpi, though users may boost the resolution to 600 dpi without significant slowdown. Scans can be saved as a range of popular file formats like PDF, TIFF, or JPEG and then stored within the machine’s 160 gig hard drive or larger network. Connecting with popular network types is convenient with Toshiba’s e-Bridge technology. Through the intuitive 9-inch touch screen display users can directly navigate networks, alter documents, and interact with select applications like Google Docs.

Great for medium-volume printing applications and digital distribution, the e-STUDIO4555C further enhances offices with its customizable options. Select from a range of additions, including paper trays that boost capacity to 3200 sheets, hole-punchers, staplers, and saddle-stitchers. On-site installation more than possible, it’s quick and painless due to the machine’s module-based design.  From eBook creation to banner or envelope printing, the e-STUDIO4555C is a versatile device that streamlines various office tasks.

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