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Multifunction, Color

If your company or place of work is looking for a MFP that will produce professional quality prints as well as cut your daily expenses, Sharp’s DX-C400 is a terrific fit. The award winning DX-C400 is an Energy Star product that’s trim and sleek square footage should not fool you into thinking it is capable of little. With a controller of 1 GHz, the DX-C400 is an efficient multitasking piece of office technology. For the up tempo work environment, the DX-C400 stays one step ahead of you, virtually eliminating any down time that was spent waiting for your documents to be processed.

Sharp’s product manages your printing services at a top speed of 40 ppm (pages per minute). If your MFP needs a quick adjustment, as an administrator, you can remotely access the DX-C400, making office solutions a breeze. If, however, you are on sight, you can simply alter your documents on the high resolution 4.3” navigation interface. At Pacific Office Automation we are constantly looking for products that will save you both time and money. The DX-C400 provides you and your coworkers with the ability to decide which documents you want to use more ink on and which are less important. With a maximum DPI (dots per inch) of 1,200 you will be impressed with the crisp detail both your color and black and white images will have.

Sharp provides office technology that will reduce your company’s paper costs and use. With ImageSCAN and scan to e-mail, you can easily distribute your documents with minimal time spent and effort on your part. To streamline and keep your business organized, the DX-C400 provides an office solution to having piles of documents waiting to be filed. Filing is now made simple through your MFP and networked computers, granting access to all desired parties.

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