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In the past, needing copies of drawings, posters, plots, plans, and other large scale documents was a recipe for print outsourcing. Now, with the wide format Ricoh FW770/780 models available at Pacific Office Automation, you can produce high-quality large-scale documents on your own, saving time, money, and hassle. For many businesses, this type of office technology is the missing link. First and foremost, Ricoh provides you with a multifunction office machine that is easy to use.

With the easy-access design, logical display control panel, and intuitive operating instructions, users no longer need extensive, time-consuming training to run these machines.  Using an innovative new “clamshell” design, these models allow you to feed originals, clear misfeeds, change toner cartridge, and replace paper rolls—all at the front of the unit. Convenience and superior office technology can be available to you at a competitive price. In the long run, your business can save additional money with the FW770 AND FW780 because both allow you to keep an eye on copy media costs and to alter production accordingly.

Unlike other wide-format machines, the Ricoh FW770 and FW780 always provide clear and sharp copies, even when originals are worn or damaged. The new 14-step density control technology guarantees that you will experience fine reproduction without the background muddiness typically seen with copiers. Regardless of what type of paper you decide to feed into this multitasking office solution, you can count on a final product that is the exact same size as the original you fed in. Precision like this, paired with an emphasis on environmental responsibility, is what makes this Ricoh series the best for fulfilling your wide-format needs.

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Occupying a scant 42.7" x 31.6" x 44.9" area, the FW780's compactness allows it to easily fit into the office environment, while still delivering a large-footprint punch. Features such as automatic off and energy save mode make sure the FW780 is not a drain on resources, while fusing temperature adjustments and manual image density adjustments allow users to fine tune their copies.

The Ricoh FW780 wide format copier offers the speed and versatility necessary to bring your large copying jobs in-house without breaking the bank. Its compact size, simplistic design, and user-friendly options ensure a seamless integration into your workflow and years of service without the constant worry of copier repair. The FW780 from Pacific Office Automation offers an unparalleled value among wide format copiers.


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