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Why Managed IT Services?

August 25, 2015

You may think your small business can’t afford to pay for IT management, but trust us: your business can’t afford not to pay for IT management. When technical problems arise, the results can range from slowed productivity to an actual work stoppage.

While technical snafus can prove frustrating to daily operations, they can also have far-reaching consequences. If disaster strikes and your server is irreparably damaged, your business's viability can be jeopardized. Or if you suffer a data breach—like the Heartbleed bug you can face lost business and potential regulatory fines.

Yet many businesses don't have the budget for an in-house IT department. Small companies, in particular, typically must outsource IT management and pay special attention to data security and backups.

Managed IT services takes a preventive approach to tech support. Gone are the days of calling up an outside IT expert when your computers are on the fritz. Because so much of business is online now, companies must stay in front of technical problems to avoid lost productivity and losing essential data. Being proactive helps solve internal problems before they can become costly external ones. That is the ultimate goal for any IT manager today: intense monitoring that alerts them to problems early or in real-time.

Managed IT services come with other benefits, as well, including:
• Tracks which equipment might need replacing before it breaks down.
• Manages antivirus and anti-malware software updates.
• Identifies any machines that may be sluggish due to low memory.
• Monitors employee Internet use.

Most companies charge a flat monthly fee for the service. Knowing what you are going to pay ahead of time for one all-inclusive service versus random, individual IT service calls will help you stay on budget.

Pacific Office Automation’s motto, “Problem solved,” illustrates our approach to managed IT services. We offer:
• Complete workstation and computer support
• Server support and unlimited help desk support
• Backup & disaster recovery, with continuous data protection
• Round-the-clock backup monitoring
• Secure offsite data storage
• Email security, sharing and spam filtering
• 24/7 help desk for the full range of troubleshooting, spyware removal and connectivity/password problems

Investing in IT management is one of the most critical investments you can make. Contact Pacific Office Automation today to find out how we can help.

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