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What is FP Mailing Solutions & How Can Their Products Help Your Office?

August 21, 2014

Even in the Internet age, many businesses still rely on snail mail for a variety of uses: invoicing, direct mail marketing, appointment reminders, and catalogs. Automating the process can help your business save valuable time and money. Pacific Office Automation is proud to offer digital postage meters from FP Mailing Solutions.

What is a postage meter? A digital postage meter downloads postage electronically, meaning businesses do not waste time purchasing and applying stamps one by one to each piece of mail. Depending on the machine, a FP postage meter can stamp anywhere from 15 to 140 letters per minute—all at a whisper-quiet level for minimum distractions. Automated letter feeders and sealers speed up the process even more.

A postage meter can also help you take advantage of USPS commercial pricing discounts, as well as track and report your postage by accounts and cost centers.

Pacific Office offers a variety of postage meters to meet your specific business mailing needs. We also offer a full line of mailing products, including:

• postage meters
• software for meter setup and operation, reporting, and user management
• folders
• folder inserters
• tabbing, labeling and stamping
• postal scales
• address printers
• letter openers

At Pacific Office Automation, we believe in helping our clients work as efficiently as possible. Automated workflow solutions delegate time-consuming tasks to machinery, so employees can focus on more important business tasks. For more information on how we can help you streamline your business mailing processes, contact us today.

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