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To Lease or Not to Lease: The Office Printer & Copier Edition

July 22, 2015

Entrepreneurs know you have to spend money to make money. Yet investing in office equipment requires careful consideration if you want your investment to pay off. When looking into an office printer lease or purchase in the Phoenix area, there are many points to consider. Compare and contrast the pros and cons of both leasing and buying below.

Leasing Benefits:

• You can get the latest and greatest technology every couple of years. Printer technology is fast-changing. By leasing, you can keep up with your competitors and adjust to changing business needs.

• It's less expensive than forking over a huge chunk of cash all at once. With a lease, you pay one fixed cost per month. This may allow you to get a more expensive, sophisticated copier or printer that could lead to higher productivity, but that you would otherwise be unable to afford.

• You won't have to hassle with maintenance and repairs, so you won't be hit with surprising repair costs.

Why it can be better to buy:

• In the long term, it's less expensive than leasing.

• Depending on your printing and copying needs, buying a smaller, less expensive multifunction machine may be all you need. A company that won't be printing much more than short documents, invoices or emails doesn't need the fastest copier.

• You are locked into a lease for a fixed period, and you pay whether you need the equipment or not. Most office equipment lease periods are 24 to 36 months.

• You're in the driver seat when it comes to maintenance. You won't be at the mercy of the leasing company for repairs, which could lead to lost productivity.

• Come tax time, you can deduct the entire cost of new equipment like printers and copiers. While you can also write off leasing costs, the tax deduction is much bigger when you buy office equipment.

When deciding whether to buy or lease, the decision often comes down to how much office equipment your business needs. If you have varied printer or copier needs, you can build out a diverse fleet more affordably with leasing options.

Conversely, if your Phoenix business needs just one printer and one copier, it will save you cash in the long run to buy. Most businesses would benefit from buying or leasing a laser copier versus an inkjet, though; laser print speeds are higher, and the cost per page to use toner instead of ink is significantly less expensive.

There is a huge variety of copiers and multifunction printers available on the market, so whether you're buying or leasing, consult a professional when deciding which models are right for you.

At Pacific Office Automation, we provide custom workflow solutions for businesses in Phoenix and throughout the West. We partner with our Phoenix customers to make sure their office equipment helps them boost productivity and saves them money.

As office equipment experts for more than three decades, Pacific Office offers best-in-class printers and copiersoffice solutions, and award-winning customer service and support. Request a consultation for your office’s needs today.

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