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Tips for Printing Online Documents

September 25, 2014

If lowering printing costs for your business is on your mind, Pacific Office Automation can help identify and eliminate wasteful printing practices that can get you there. Printing online documents, with their full-color ads and wide margins, is one of the most common ways to use excessive paper and ink. You often print these excess pages that aren’t needed. Here are a few printing tips that reduce waste and improve document readability:

1. Select the printer-friendly version. Web pages use color for ads, hyperlinks, and other graphics. The printer-friendly version ensures you print in black and white.

2. Preview your job before printing to make sure it is readable and only contains the information you need.

3. If you want to get rid of the headers and footers on online documents, go to Page Setup. Depending on your web browser, there are usually "Header" and "Footer" fields; delete the characters in those fields to eliminate them.

4. Adjust your margins. Web pages often have extra wide margins because of ads. You can reset your margins in Page Setup to zero, which will fit the content in one page and save paper.

5. If you only want to print a selection from a lengthy article, some operating systems allow you to highlight a portion by right clicking and printing only that content. You can also copy and paste content into a Word document.

The new family of multifunction printers are designed to help your business run more efficiently. Printing online documents is just one of the practices that can be overhauled to improve workflow and eliminate wasteful printing. Contact us today to find out how we can help you save time and money.

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