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Things You Can Do on Friday to Make Monday Better

April 17, 2015

There’s a reason the saying is T.G.I.F. and not T.G.I.M.—Mondays are a notoriously fearsome day for members of the workforce. After a weekend of relaxation, the task of facing your inbox and to-do list can be daunting. Instead of mentally checking out of work on Friday afternoon, spend a little time to get organized for the week ahead. You’ll thank yourself later for it come Monday morning.

Here are a few ideas for how to be more organized at work, so you can hit the ground running next Monday:

1. Go over your calendar. Plan out your week including meetings, deadlines and other personal to-dos. It’s helpful to prioritize your week by assigning a number for priority or highlighting especially important items.

Time management is also an important aspect of planning, so try and set a time budget for every task and stick to it. If your calendar is public, make sure you block out time needed for important tasks, so you will not be interrupted during crunch time.

2. Pick one task and get it done on Friday before you leave. Work will feel less daunting on Monday knowing you have something completed before you embark on the weekend.

3. Pledge to do something different on Monday. Let's face it: Mondays can get off to a slow start as we mentally ease back into the work week. Do you spend the first hour on Mondays going through your e-mail? Or are you one to linger in the break room a little too long? Making a change, like vouching to clean out your inbox or create a to-do list before grabbing coffee can set a positive precedent for your day.

4. Clean up your desk and your workspace. A cluttered workspace leads to lost productivity. The time you spend searching for documents is time you can be spending on more pressing tasks. When going through papers on your desk, ask yourself if there is an electronic copy you can access. If so, recycle it.

5. Organize your filing system. Is your filing cabinet so full that you have to use your shoulder to close it? It might be time to get rid of some paperwork. Better yet, switch to a document management system. The time you will save retrieving, editing and sharing documents will be much better spent.

At Pacific Office Automation, we offer workflow solutions that help our customers manage productivity in the workplace. Contact us today to find out how we can help you tame the paper chaos, get organized, and face Monday mornings with confidence.

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