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Problem solved: Industries Pacific Office Automation Serves

December 18, 2015

At Pacific Office Automation, our motto — “problem solved” — guides every interaction we have with our customers. That means we listen to their concerns and come up with custom workflow solutions and help them to select the printer that best meets their needs. From mom-and-pop to Fortune 500 businesses, POA’s office solutions can help any organization operate at peak productivity, but we have specific expertise in serving the following industries:

Small Business

Small businesses face the same workflow problems as their corporate counterparts, albeit on a smaller scale. Small businesses don’t have huge budgets to spend on office equipment, software, and in-house IT staff. The good news is, they don’t need to spend big for impressive results.

With ever-improving technology, even the least expensive printers on the market today can offer small businesses quite a bit of bang for their buck. Print quality engineering has improved so much over the years that small businesses can print their own brochures, business cards and marketing materials in-house and on-demand. What’s more, variety in the marketplace has driven prices down. Small businesses can get a reliable, high-quality printer for under $500.

The best copiers and printers for small businesses provide scanning, printing, copying and faxing in one machine that fits neatly on a desktop. Most MFPs can also double as an electronic filing cabinet for your business by digitizing documents. With scan-to-email, you can email invoices and other customer communications easily.

We know small business owners wear many hats and may not have the time to manage some of the specialized tasks that come along with running operations. IT management, for instance, is a critical component of running any business today that most small businesses don't have the budget or manpower to handle in-house. POA's managed IT services like backup monitoring and anti-malware protection gives small business owners the peace of mind that their data is being protected from theft or loss.


The best printers for schools are ones that can keep up with the heavy demand from students and teachers alike. From readings and worksheets to field trip forms, schools need high-volume, high-speed printers and copiers with little cost per page. Document finishing features like stapling, hole-punching and stacking can offer significant time-saving for administrative staff, as well.

For schools with a fleet of printers across many locations, say on a college or high school campus, printer management can feel like an unwieldy task. Pacific Office Automation offers print management services that track printers' function and performance to prevent malfunction and identify wasteful printing practices.

Schools can also benefit greatly from POA's managed IT services. As more teachers swap worksheets for tablets, need for tech support is on the rise. Pacific Office can offer 24/7 backup monitoring, anti-virus and anti-malware protection, email security with premium spam filtering and server monitoring.


Midsize to large businesses always are thinking of ways to be more efficient. Multifunction printers can help companies do just that: streamline their workflow, boost productivity, cut costs, save time and strengthen their security.

Today’s office equipment market offers so many options that a company can customize its printer capabilities to its exact needs. A multifunction printer that combines scanning, printing, copying and fax in one machine is a good bet for any business. Specifically, businesses can choose MFPs based on their volume, quality and finishing needs. They can add password-protection features and desktop apps for mobile printing options.

Since an MFP is built to improve workflow, a printer on the fritz can bring business to a standstill. POA offers network management to monitor all MFPs on a network for potential problems. Administrators receive text or email alerts if memory or toner is low, so they can take care of issues before they become problems.

We also offer managed print services for companies that want to outsource all printer-related matters, particularly if they have thousands of printers across various locations. With managed print services, POA monitors all of your machines from one central point with detailed reporting. In that same vein, POA’s print track and control solution can help companies identify machines and users that use the most ink, paper or energy and correct those problems.

Legal office:

Law firms can benefit from going paperless, not only to decrease environmental impact, but also to better manage and protect sensitive client documents. In fact, being technologically competent is now part of a lawyer’s job description, according to the American Bar Association.

Saving clients money while providing the best legal work possible is exponentially easier with a document management system. Digitizing documents provides organization and accessibility that reduces time and money spent on case preparation. Law firms need a document management system that offers powerful search tools that can be integrated across multiple media, including email, voicemail and other electronic documents. It can be a daunting challenge for paper-heavy law offices, so contracting with a company like POA can help ease the burden and ensure you're implementing a records management system that works for you. POA offers comprehensive facilities management services including on-site scanning, fax-services management, and records and imaging management.

Digitizing your records makes it easy to share documents electronically, but there is still often need for hard copies in a law firm. For this reason, legal offices should select a high-volume multifunction printer that is fast (at least 50 pages per minute if it's shared), provides good print quality and can scan multiple pages at once with an automatic document feeder. Law firms also need an MFP with a decent amount of on-board memory to send and receive large documents and one that provides passwords and data encryption to protect sensitive information. MFPs that perform finishing tasks like stapling and hole-punching can save significant time as well.

POA’s print track and control service is ideal for law firms that bill clients for printing costs. Firms can track what’s been printed because there is a digital record of it. Print track and control also gives administrators the power to password-protect certain documents, offering added security.

Health care:

Doctor's offices are notoriously paper-heavy, so the benefits of a records management system cannot be overstated in the health care field. Health care offices need a records management system that offers three things: storage, access and security. Security is particularly important, as health care offices must comply with a number of privacy laws.

The best printers for the health care industry are scanning workhorses. A machine that provides high-volume, automatic feed scanning is a must.


Municipalities and nonprofits have one thing in common: They send out a ton of mailers. Government entities, like city water companies or recycling agencies, communicate with their constituents through mailers included in bills. Similarly, nonprofits pitch donors with brochures or pledge packets. While some government agencies and nonprofits outsource this work, today's printers can produce high-quality marketing documents that rival those that come from a professional print shop. By bringing this type of print work in-house, organizations can save the time and cost of printing their mailers. Time sensitive documents can be printed on-demand, and organizations won't waste money on excess documents in a print order that can quickly become obsolete.

The government and nonprofit industries need a high-volume and fast printer with a variety of paper size offerings. Finishing features like collating save time, too. They should also look for added security features like password protection and data encryption to protect personal information.

Data security is a serious issue for government agencies, so anti-virus, anti-malware protection and email security are critical. Nonprofits must protect their data as well, particularly from destruction, as data is one of a nonprofit's most valuable assets. At Pacific Office Automation, we provide the full gamut of managed IT services including server monitoring, 24/7 backup and data recovery, not to mention anti-malware and spam filtering services.

Whatever your industry, whatever your problem, Pacific Office Automation can solve it. Find out more about what we do or contact us today to set up a workflow analysis.

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