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Outsourced Printing vs. In-House Printing For Your Small Business

October 28, 2015

Small businesses may not have the hefty marketing budgets of their big-business counterparts, but technology has been the great equalizer in terms of in-house print quality. In today’s world small offices can easily produce print shop-quality brochures and business cards with a desktop printer for as low as $100.

The technology is there. Printers today offer exceptional print quality and a variety of finishing touches like stapling, collating, folding, etc. It's no longer necessary to outsource brochures, business cards, flyers, invoices, training materials or white papers. Quality is comparable to commercial printers for almost all jobs. Many multifunction printers for small businesses today come with multiple paper size and quality options. When you pair that print quality with the readily available document creation software, it's possible to achieve commercial print-quality jobs in-house.

It Saves Time and Money

While small businesses may shy away from the upfront cost of printer rentals, the long-term savings of printing in-house can be significant. For instance, many commercial printers set minimum charges for certain jobs and impose other avoidable processing fees. You may even order more copies than you need — sometimes up to 20 percent more— wasting time, money and paper. In-house, what you get is what you pay for. Plus, you can adjust the print quality for any job, which means you're not wasting extra toner on printing out a simple document where the print quality isn't critical.

In-house printing is just more convenient. You can print what you want, when you want. For time-sensitive materials or documents that need minor adjustments, having control in-house saves significant amounts of time.

It Is More Secure

Another factor to consider when outsourcing print jobs is security. Once information leaves your business, you are relying on commercial printers to handle sensitive information appropriately. You have to worry about what kind of information you're sending, how you're sending it and where it ends up being stored.

Pacific Office Makes It Easy

Some small businesses worry less about the cost of bringing printing in-house and more about the amount of extra work it will require to manage printer rentals. A professional will need to set it up and connect it to all of the necessary devices around the office. An office manager then has to keep an eye on toner and paper supply levels so they can be replenished when necessary. There are also going to have to be people in charge of routine maintenance and repairs it malfunctions. That time commitment is a legitimate concern for many small business owners, which is why partnering with a company like Pacific Office Automation can make the transition of bringing printing in-house easy and stress-free.

Pacific Office's award-winning service team offers round-the-clock support and print management services. We can monitor your supply levels remotely, be alerted to potential technical problems, and provide preventive maintenance to minimize any interruptions to your business.

If you're interested in saving time and money without compromising quality, contact Pacific Office Automation today about the best high-volume printers for lease.

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