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Heartbleed Aftermath: The Future of Data Security

September 09, 2014

Even as data security solutions improve, the so-called Heartbleed bug discovered earlier this year reveals just how vulnerable companies are to a serious data breach. At Pacific Office Automation, we make it a priority to stay up to date on the latest industry news to best serve you and your business; therefore, our data security experts have taken it upon themselves to explore Heartbleed and its aftermath.

The Heartbleed glitch refers to a programming flaw in the OpenSLL system, software that nearly two-thirds of all websites use to encrypt sensitive information. The breach allowed hackers to access usernames and passwords. Many experts have called it the worst Internet security gaffe ever.

The sheer scope of the breach served as a wake-up call to companies that data security is one of the single biggest threats to their business. Several studies show that most companies are not doing enough to protect their information, and the effects can be devastating: fines, intellectual property theft, and damage to their brand. Even post-Heartbleed, a study by Venafi Labs of 1,613 global corporations found that 97 percent are still vulnerable to a data breach.

The lesson from Heartbleed is that companies must be ever-vigilant about data security. Financial institutions and healthcare organizations in particular face huge financial penalties for losing third-party information. Whether a company is worried about data theft, compliance, or network intrusion, Pacific Office Automation offers data security solutions for every business. Our multifunction printers provide a secure records management system complete with data encryption, automatic deletion, password protection, and auditing capabilities.

Contact Pacific Office Automation today to find out how we can keep your business and your information safe.

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