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Four Tips for Training New Hires

September 12, 2014

The economy is in the best shape it’s been in for more than five years, which means many companies are adding staff. Hiring new employees can energize an organization and ease workload, but bringing on new staffers can also present challenges. Companies that invest in training new employees often see a higher return on their investment, including greater retention, enhanced productivity, and increased employee satisfaction.

When devising a training program for new employees, human resources managers often have a new hire checklist they go through. Here are a few tips that might be missing from your new employee training program:

1. Adapt your training strategy to the type of person you hire. Certain jobs typically attract a specific personality. Two important dynamics to consider are creative vs. analytical and group vs. one-on-one. Typically, training for creative types can be a more fluid process, while analytical employees prefer a more structured schedule. The training environment can set the tone for a new employee’s time at your company and help them hit the ground running with their first assignments.

2. Communicate the big picture, along with the small details. While it is important that employees learn how to use the company's operating system, it is just as critical that employees understand a company's brand, goals, and business concept. Employees who understand the vision will operate within that framework and convey that message to outsiders.

3. Create a positive learning environment. Employees need confidence to do their job well, but an intimidating training environment will keep them from asking questions and create an unhealthy fear of failure. Encourage learning to be an ongoing process, and make sure you promote an open-door policy for new hires with questions or concerns.

4. Avoid information overload. Starting a new job is stressful and can be overwhelming. From co-workers' names to operating systems and product information, new hires face a dizzying array of things to learn. In order to avoid this issue, some companies opt for segmented training that allows new employees to master one skill at a time, starting from easiest to more difficult.

Integrating new employees can be stressful for the new hire as well as the business, leading to lost productivity. At Pacific Office Automation, we provide workflow solutions that streamline your business processes, and help businesses stay organized and efficient. Our multifunction printers are designed to be fast and user-friendly, so employees can spend more time on their work and less time trying to figure out how to use the printer.

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