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Four Rules for High Performers

February 11, 2015

If 2015 is the year you resolve to get a promotion at work or just improve job performance, here are some rules that most high performers follow:

1. Never stop learning. If you are not learning, you are not improving your skills. There are many opportunities for learning: continuing education, attending lectures, technology training, etc. The key is to keep an open mind about how you can improve your work and get results. You should also perform frequent self-evaluations to identify skills you can sharpen.

2. Stay energized. High performers need energy to get their work done. Get enough sleep; it affects your mood, concentration and performance. Also, engage your mind, stay active and healthy, and manage your stress levels. High performers do not adhere to the old adage of "always giving 110 percent." Instead, they go full steam when it matters.

3. Know your role and your strengths. To be effective, you need to know what is expected of you and where you can delegate or collaborate. To be a high performer, you do not need to be everything to everyone. In fact, taking on too much extraneous work hinders one's ability to complete his or her own work.

Learn to say no. Everyone has different skills; the key is identifying them and figuring out how to harness them to drive results. Remember: There is a difference between working hard and being busy. Results are what matter.

4. Don't dwell on your mistakes. Getting bogged down in missteps wastes time and energy. Plus, it can erode the confidence you need to make decisions and be effective. If you make a mistake at work, the best response is to acknowledge your mistake, learn from it and move on. High performers take responsibility for themselves.

At Pacific Office Automation, we value high performers who are solutions-oriented team players. We are always looking for talent that can contribute to our mission of "Problem solved." For more information about career opportunities at POA, contact us today.

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