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Don’t Be That Guy: 6 Workplace Habits That Drive Coworkers Crazy

September 19, 2014

We’ve all been around that one person with annoying habits. They have loud personal conversations on the phone, steal food from the company fridge, eat tuna fish sandwiches at their desk, and glorify their own accomplishments on an hourly basis. Behavior like this in the workplace affects an entire team and can hamper productivity. Here are some of the most annoying habits that drive coworkers crazy:

1. Oversharing. You may feel compelled to announce every last one of your work victories, but that self-congratulatory mentality will irritate others. Sharing too many details of one's personal life is also a no-no.

2. Smartphone obsession. Mobile computing has been both a blessing and a curse for workplace productivity. Make sure to put your phone away during meetings and face-to-face conversations. Also, put your phone on silent so as not to disturb your co-workers with annoying ringtones.

3. Stirring the pot. Office politics are an unfortunate reality of the workplace. Avoid the cliques and the gossiping. We all have work frustrations, but excessive venting and complaining to your co-workers or boss can bring down office morale and annoy your colleagues. Exemplify strong ethics in the workplace, and you will earn the respect of coworkers and management alike.

4. Olfactory offensiveness. These days, most people work in shared spaces. Keep that in mind when applying (or not applying) deodorant, perfume, cologne, etc. Also, avoid eating stinky food at your desk.

5. Perpetual tardiness or unpreparedness. If you are always late or unprepared, you are sending the message to people that they are not worth your time or effort. Being late all the time, even if it's just a few minutes, can be grounds for termination. As Don Marquis said, “punctuality is one of the cardinal business virtues.”

6. Spreading sick germs. If you are ill, stay home. You will not win any popularity points with co-workers if you are spreading sicknesses. Plus, the chorus of coughing and sneezing is disruptive.

At Pacific Office Automation, we help our clients boost productivity, and happy employees are productive employees. Don't be the person that drives coworkers crazy.

Contact Pacific Office Automation today to find out how we can streamline your workflow processes and make everyone more productive.

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