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Color vs. Black and White Printers: What’s Best for Your Business?

October 27, 2014

Today's multifunction printers offer a plethora of features that can improve workflow processes. At Pacific Office Automation, we believe every business has unique needs. Choosing the best printer for your business can significantly affect productivity, cost savings and reduce your carbon footprint. Aside from finishing capabilities, energy savings options, and web applications, many managers start printer comparisons with the basic question of whether they need a color or black and white printer. We have put together a short purchasing guide to take some of the guesswork out of the printer buying process.

• Color printers are best for companies that need to print high-quality photos, logos, or other marketing materials. One common misconception about color printing is that color ink is more expensive than black ink because it is more complex. However, the best color printers can save businesses from having to outsource their commercial printing needs.

• If your company mostly prints internal documents like emails, order forms or basic spreadsheets, black and white printers are an ideal cost-effective option. The best black and white printers offer high printing speeds. Sophisticated finishing capabilities like stapling and folding can also save you valuable time when you purchase a multifunction printer.

• Eliminating wasteful printing should be a top priority for businesses that find themselves going through several reams of paper per month. POA’s Print Track and Control service allows you to manage printing activity by user, machine, or even application. Print only what you mean to and improve your data security by getting rid of easily-accessible sensitive information.

If you need help with printer comparison, POA is here. With more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, we provide custom printing and workflow solutions for every size and type of business. Contact us today. We’ll help you choose the best printer for your unique needs whether you’re working for an NGO, school, or corporate office.

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