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Breaking Down Desktop Apps (and How to Efficiently Use Them!)

May 11, 2015

Office desktop apps offer remote access to your work computer from any mobile device. As you can imagine, they are immeasurably helpful in today's computing culture where you are likely to be using several different devices. Business owners and employees alike need to be able to access important documents even when they are away from the office. Though you can always store important files through hosting sites like Dropbox, those options are not as secure as connecting directly to your work computer. Desktop apps allow you to do just that.

The best desktop apps allow you to see your desktop even on the small screen of an iPhone or Android. They will also let you access and use desktop programs like Outlook, Photoshop and Microsoft Office, so you can edit files directly from your mobile device. Some apps offer search options to help you more easily find files.

Pacific Office Automation offers desktop apps that help customers with records management; document creation, editing and distribution; and sending important documents from an office's printer directly to a mobile device.

Other desktop apps help save time within the office as well. Printer apps allow users to print easily without software installation or other special setups. Plus, printing preferences and authorizations can be customized for each individual user. Desktop apps also provide an easy in for tech support. IT can quickly access your computer remotely via remote desktop app to troubleshoot.

Just make sure your desktop apps offer data security features. Extra authentication is critical for desktop apps to ensure that your work files are safe if your mobile device is stolen.

For more than 35 years, Pacific Office Automation has been a world leader in providing smarter workflow solutions so your workplace can operate at optimized efficiency. Contact us for more information on how your business can achieve optimum office management.

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